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ID Laser Marking

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  • This system is available of making ID Marking and Edge Exposure with laser after the PR(Photo Registry) coating.
  • 2-side edge exposure and 4-side edge exposure available, adjust exposure quantity with lamp power, speed control of stage.


Glass Size
1950 x 2250 x (0.6 ~ 1.1)t [7.5G]
Tack Time
60 sec /1 sheet[2-side exposure]/
1 sheet[4-side exposure]
[Exposure Time + Marking Time + Alignment Time
+ Glass Feed Time]
Main Frame Size
6900(W) x 3200(D) x 3200(H)
Glass Feed Size
Robot TO Conveyor
Glass Alignment Range
± 50 ㎛
ID Marking Head Range
2 Head ~ 8 Head[Subject of Discussion]
ID Exposure
50 mJ/cm2 [Range : 25 ~200 mJ/cm2]
ID Marking Rate
± 100 ㎛
ID Mark Type
2D Code + Character Code[VERI Code]
Character Code[Marking the same time]
Intensity of Illumination
210 mW/cm2(9 point AVG illumination)
Lamp Life Cycle
1,500 Hr
Exposure Range
0 ~70 mm
Exposure Quantity
50 mJ/cm2[Automatic change scanning speed type]
Stage Move Type
Linear Motor + LM Guide Rail
RECIPE Communication
Exposure Pattern
Subject of discussion